Science Consultancy Project

Providing students with the opportunity to communicate their passion for Science and to further develop their employability skills through a consultancy placement in a primary or secondary school.

Applications for Semester 2, 2023 are open now and close on Friday 2 June 2023

Students will have the opportunity to:
  • Create new science resources for schools and inspire the next generation of scientists
  • Further develop their communication, teamwork, problem-solving and employability skills
  • Build awareness of the expectations of a workplace and the culture of a school community
  • Explore options and taste the opportunities that exist upon graduation
  • Make connections and create a professional network
  • Strengthen their CV with examples of work experience
Unit info
  • 6 points - elective credit at Level 2
  • Ungraded Pass/Fail
  • Each student is required to serve as a consultant to a client (i.e. their supervising teacher); normally this will entail development of a science teaching resource, the details of which will be negotiated and agreed to with their client.
  • The placement could also involve other roles negotiated with the client, including promotion of science and science careers via classroom interaction with school students.
  • Prior to and in parallel with their school placement, students will participate in a series of lectures and workshops with unit coordinators and peers. Students may also liaise with academics from their discipline as part of the development of new science teaching resources.
  • Students engage in 20 to 30 hours of virtual consulting with their client teacher, followed by a further 50 to 60 hours developing, reviewing and finalising their projects. In addition, they will complete reports and presentations for further assessment.
Eligibility criteria
  • Enrolled in Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Biomedical Science or Bachelor of Philosophy with a Science major
  • At least 48 points achieved (or on track to be achieved by the end of your current semester)
  • Sufficient space remaining in course to receive 6 points credit
  • Good Academic standing with a WAM of 65 or higher
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good written and spoken communication skills
  • If you have recently completed the SCIE2205 Science Work Placement unit, you are still eligible to apply for the SCIE2206 unit.
  • "The placement gave me valuable experience working in a more formal work environment outside the university and the more informal jobs I have had in the past."
  • "This has also been my first exposure to project work for an organisation and so I have developed my knowledge of this. And, I have developed a greater understanding of a professional working environment."
  • "Overall, I think this unit was a really great experience. Not only did I get to learn more about science learning in schools but I also found out what people like in the workplace and things that I can improve on. Being able to build connections with people in the education field was also very interesting and I'm sure that this networking will be able to help in the future as well."
  • "Professional Networking - This was the biggest take from the unit, as I learnt how networking and a small idea can help expand its value and lead to a bigger purpose for the society."
  • "In conclusion, this unit has helped me develop many skills and habits which I feel are great for my future works. It has given me an understanding of what is required in the professional workplace as well as a solid foundation which I can further improve on significantly."
Info sessions
Updates about information sessions events will be via WIL Facebook page, follow us to be alerted once there are information sessions. Information session slides are available upon request via email to [email protected]
How to apply

The Science WIL Placement program uses a placement management portal called SoniaOnline to assist students on their placement journey.

To apply, submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) via SoniaOnline. If you are a current UWA student, you will be able to log into SoniaOnline via this link using your UWA Pheme username and password. Once you have logged in, click on the 'Placements' tab at the top and you will see the "Expression of Interest for WIL Science Placement' group, click the green button "+Join" and you will be able to join the Placement Group. There will be detailed instructions on how to navigate SoniaOnline after you have logged in.

As part of the Expression of Interest stage, you will be required to submit the following documents:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Letter of Reference
  • Faculty Approval Form
  • Expression of Interest form

If you have any difficulty logging in or navigating SoniaOnline, please email the Science WIL Placement Team - [email protected].


What is involved in the Science Consultancy Project unit?
The Science Consultancy unit involve students undertaking a work placement, in a school setting, of up to 80 hours depending on the nature of the partnership with the teacher and the specific project. You will act as a consultant to a client in a primary or secondary school and develop a teaching resource for students. This allows you to road test a career in consulting and learn valuable consulting and critical thinking skills. In addition, you will be required to complete reports and presentations for further assessment.
Do I need to find my own project and school?
We have established relationships with schools across Western Australia, who are keen to partner with us to offer various projects to students. It is possible to self-source your own placement (for example, you might be offered an opportunity through your own network) however, the placement will need to be assessed and approved by the Science Placement Team. You will still need to submit an application for the Science Consultancy Project.
What do I include in my cover letter?
Your cover letter should be addressed to the Science Placement Coordinator and should explain your reasons for applying to the unit, rather than any specific placement. It is important to include your intentions, key skills and why you believe you are a good candidate. If you wish to include information about your placement preferences or a specific placement you have in mind, please do so.
How does the project matching process work?
Upon successful completion of Expression of Interest and Pre-Placement Preparation in the SONIAonline system, students will be invited to join the Placement Board where there will be a list of all opportunities which the WIL Team has sourced for students taking the Science WIL units. When the Placement Board is open, students have about a week to rank their placement preferences, and submit a tailored resume and cover letter for the opportunities. After the Placement Board closes, shortlisted students will be invited for an interview with the host organisations.
What happens if a project cannot be found for me
The thing to remember is that there is an element of uncertainty with applying to the placement units. This reflects the uncertainty there is when applying for a job. Your application may be unsuccessful, or it may be successful but a suitable project is not available for you. We work to the deadline of the last day to add a unit and encourage our students to have enrolled in an alternative unit in case a placement cannot be found. This way, should you not be placed or should you decide against the placement you are offered, you are not put at a disadvantage.
I will be travelling when applications close. Will this affect my chances of being accepted?
If you are travelling during the semester break, the selection process can be facilitated over Zoom and email. Please just remember to check your student email account regularly while you are away and let the Placement Coordinator know you are away if interview times or information sessions are being arranged.
How will an Ungraded Pass affect my GPA?
If you successfully pass the unit, an ungraded pass will have no effect on your GPA and the grades for the remaining 23 units in your degree will be weighted more heavily.
I have advanced standing from my previous course/university study, will that count towards the credit point eligibility?
Yes, if you have gained credits from your previous course or study, those credit points can be counted towards the credit point eligibility. However, you will still need to have your study plan checked by your Student Office to ensure you have space to fit this elective in your course.
I recently completed the Science Work Placement unit. Can I still apply to participate in the Science Consultancy Project or is not possible to do both?
Yes, you can still apply to participate in the Science Consultancy Project. However, you will need to check with your Student Office if you have space in your study plan for another Level 2 elective unit via AskUWA.

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