Restoring and maintaining balance in our natural environment

Scientific research to protect our Earth

The effects of industry and development on our natural environment are becoming increasingly apparent. Climate change, the loss of ecosystems and declining species numbers indicate our natural world is out of balance.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, 85 per cent of all species are listed as ‘threatened’ or ‘endangered’ due to habitat loss. By understanding how man-made processes affect the environment, we can minimise damage before it becomes irreversible.

What UWA is doing about this global issue

  • Researchers at UWA are involved in wide-ranging research and projects to answer complex questions about the degradation, conservation and restoration of the world's ecosystems.
  • Our marine science researchers are assessing human impact on ocean sustainability and biodiversity. Research projects include monitoring changes in fish numbers, investigating the displacement of humpback whales, and analysing the ecological and economic benefits of marine sanctuaries.
  • Land and water management researchers are addressing the challenge of managing and sustaining farming yields as climate and rainfall variability threaten our farming systems. Their projects include water percolation and soil-water-crop dynamics, surface chemistry, pesticide leaching and soil erosion.
  • Our cutting-edge research into the economic and environmental effects of agricultural activities is informing the actions of governments and farming communities alike. Our work spans environmental economics, natural resource management, the economics of non-renewable resources and energy, and agricultural economics and policies.
  • Big projects, such as our survey of the Kimberley region of Western Australia, seek to understand how global change is affecting biodiversity, ecological resilience and natural ecosystems. Our research spans conservation biology, forest fragmentation, insect ecology and population dynamics.
  • We’ve developed dynamic models to understand multi-scale patterns in ecological processes and fire regime impacts. Our research is informing vital fire management decisions and improving vital management decisions and environmental outcomes.

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1st in Australia and 17th in the world for Agricultural Sciences (ARWU 2020)

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1st in Australia and 21st in the world for Environmental Science and Engineering (ARWU 2020)

1st in Australia and 34th in the world for Biological Sciences (ARWU 2020)

24th in the world for Ecology (ARWU 2019)

How sea turtle development is affected by climate change


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