Furthering human knowledge and serving humanity

Discovering answers to complex global questions

Science has taken us a long way in the industrial and post-industrial age. Research and its practical application have advanced society and improved the lives of many. However, global issues such as disease, unsustainable food production and the lack of access to water persist.

According to the United Nations, six to eight million people die every year as a result of water-related diseases and disasters, while 783 million people do not have access to clean water. Almost 2.5 billion do not have adequate sanitation.

With increasing populations placing pressures on our environment and way of life, we need to ask – and answer – different questions.

What we are doing about these global issues

At UWA, furthering human knowledge and enhancing society means conducting research which spans the world of science, and the world itself.

In working with colleagues around the globe, we’re pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge and discovering answers to complex questions in the most surprising places:

  • Our team at the Centre for Evolutionary Biology is addressing evolutionary questions in diverse organisms – from plants to insects, fishes, frogs and humans – generating new knowledge that feeds into conservation and natural resource outcomes worldwide.
  • Our human geographers and planners are working with communities, governments and universities worldwide to address the economic and social sustainability of cities and regions. Their research is tackling the challenges of social inequality, economic development, urban growth and demographic change.
  • Researchers in the Centre for the Advancement of Research on Emotion (CARE) are working collaboratively across multiple disciplines to enhance our understanding of emotion, address mental health and improve emotional wellbeing.

1st in Australia and 34th in the world for Biological Sciences (ARWU 2020)

24th in the world for Ecology (ARWU 2019)

22nd in the world for Oceanography (ARWU 2020)

Ranked first in Western Australia for Psychology (QS 2020)

Increasing marine heatwaves threaten our oceans

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