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Md Sultan Mia

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Thesis: Characterization of drought tolerance in bread wheat using genetic and genomic tools

Drought is by far the most detrimental abiotic stress in limiting the yield potential of a crop. Previous studies have identified several major drought tolerance related quantitative trait loci (QTLs) in wheat, and some DNA markers linked to these loci have also been reported. My proposed program would be to integrate some of the selected major QTLs to create a pyramiding population by utilizing an embryo-culture based fast generation system and marker assisted selection to investigate the relative contribution of each QTL in drought tolerance. Indicators of drought tolerance will be evaluated in the parents and their offsprings. Near isogenic lines (NILs) targeting on each of the major QTL will be developed and the expression profiles of mRNA and protein of each NIL pair will be compared under stressed environment which will lead to the identification of genes associated with drought tolerance.

Why my research is important

Australia is one of the largest wheat exporters in the world, and Western Australia is the largest wheat producing and exporting state within Australia. However, wheat production in Australia is under serious threat of drought stress due to changes in climatic pattern. The proposed study will contribute to develop new knowledge through better understanding of the mechanisms of drought tolerance in bread wheat.


Feb 2015

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