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Kwok (Brian) Hong Law

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Thesis: Forewarned is forearmed: The effects of cognitive inoculation on the facilitation of health behavior among new mothers

Childbirth is an important event in every parents' life. While having a new member added to the family is exciting, the one year period after childbirth is a time of increased health risks for mothers. As such, part of this research aims to determine how cognitive factors and health behaviour change before and after childbirth. In addition, this research also aims to test the effectiveness of an inoculation based intervention on important psychological factors and health outcomes for new mothers.

Why my research is important

Previous research have focused on using interventions that attempt to persuade new mothers' attitudes towards health behaviours such as physical activity and diet. To date, no one has attempted to prevent existing positive attitudes from being swayed. This research is important because it attempts to answer post-pregnancy health issues from a different perspective.


Jul 2014

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