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Areekul Puangsuwan

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Thesis: Prevalence and Correlates of Physical Activity in Thai Children and Youth

This population based, cross-sectional study will investigate the levels of participation in different types of physical activity of Thai children and youth aged 6-17 years. The study will also identify and compare patterns of their participation (i.e. frequency and type in different genders, socio-economic status, etc.) in physical activity and identify the key factors determining their physical activity behaviour. The data will be collected from almost 20,000 students in 350 primary and secondary schools, and 350 School Directors across 9 regions in Thailand. A student questionnaire, school built environment audit form, and school director questionnaire will be employed.

Why my research is important

My research will contribute to scholarly knowledge in understanding physical activity behaviour of children and youth in Thailand which has not previously been investigated at the population level. The results of this study will be beneficial for government ministries of public health, education, and sport as well as public health advocates in efforts to address physical inactivity, decrease sedentary behaviour and reduce obesity among the young in Thai community.

Jul 2014

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