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Azizah Algreiby

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Thesis: Isolation and Identification of Bioactive Compounds From Eremophila glabra and Biserrula pelecinus

The project will involve isolation and identification of the bioactive compounds that reduce methane in vitro from the selected active plants that have been identified to date. In addition, the plants of interest and compounds isolated will also be investigated for general anti-bacterial activity against a range of human-related bacteria.

The aims of this study are to:

1. Investigate the phtyochemistry of various plant species that have been identified as beneficial for reducing methane output from rumens. Initially, two plants have been selected which include Eremophila glabra, an Australian native shrub which has shown the greatest potential in reducing methane emission from rumens and is part of an ongoing study to introduce these plants into animal grazing. The second plant, Biserrula pelecinus, has shown potential as a pasture species and can enhance livestock productivity while also reducing methane emissions from rumen. To date, the profile of the chemical compounds present in this plant have not previously been examined.

2. Examine the antimethanogenic effect of isolated compounds

3. Test various extracts and purified compounds for broader antibacterial activity.

Why my research is important

There are several advantages that would be obtained from identifying the active compounds. One of these involves adding the active compound to livestock’s food as a supplementary source for controlling methanogenic bacteria and reducing methane emission from rumen. Moreover, identifying the active compounds may lead to the discovery of new biological active agents with potential for novel antimicrobial activity.

Eremophila glabra

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