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Pia Atahan

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Thesis: Holocene environmental change and human influence in the Yangtze River delta, China

This study investigates environmental change during the mid- to late-Holocene in the Yangtze River delta. Of particular interest are the effects of humans on the delta environment, and also the impacts of past environmental change on human cultures in the delta. A multi-proxy approach, including palynology and organic geochemistry, is used in this study.

Why my research is important

A good understanding of human and environment interactions is important for building societies resilient to future environmental change. By comparing palaeo-environments and archaeological history, this study aims to build a better understanding of the role of humans in their environment. The Yangtze delta is an ideal location for this study, as it has been an important cultural and agricultural centre through much of the Holocene.


Apr 2003

Jan 2007