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Julie Hardt

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Thesis: Injury Prevention and Management in Competitive Swimming

The aim of my research is to discover the most effective practices that coaches employ to prevent and manage injury in high-performance competitive swimming. The intention will be to take a comprehensive look at the phenomenon of injury, including injury prevention strategies and plans designed to address the psychological responses to injury and injury rehabilitation. This will be accomplished through interviews with elite coaches, swimmers, and sports medicine professionals. Once a protocol for successful management of injury has been established, the aim will be to design, implement, and evaluate a coach training program in order to test the efficacy of this protocol.

Why my research is important

Currently, not much is known about how coaches manage or should manage injured swimmers. Previous research has shown that coping skills such as imagery and goal setting as well as increased social support are effective measures for dealing with injury. However, it is not known whether swim coaches actually implement the use of coping strategies in their programs or provide adequate social support to their swimmers.

This study will investigate the psycho-social aspects of injuries in swimming and the strategies coaches use to manage them. It will also be the first of its kind to design, implement, and evaluate a coach training program that will teach swim coaches how to manage injury.


Mar 2008

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