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Tiffany Grisbrook

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Thesis: Botulinum Neurotoxin as a treatment for chronic pain following upper limb burns.

Burn injuries affect the patient physically, socially, psychologically and physiologically, therefore, require management from a multidisciplinary team. Pain is the most common complaint of burn injured patients, and can last long after wound healing. Inadequate pain management can lead to a number of debilitation side effects including; depression and anxiety. Over the past few years BoNT-A has been successfully used to treat other painful conditions, however the use of BoNT-A has never before been used for treating pain following burn injury. This study therefore aims to assess the efficacy of BoNT-A for pain relief in patients with chronic pain following an upper limb burn at all levels of the ICF.

Why my research is important

Whilst the outcome of BoNT-A injections have been extensively studied for the treatment of cerebral palsy and other disorders affecting function and painful conditions, relatively little is known of the implications of BoNT-A injections in patients experiencing pain following burn injury. This research aims to quantify the effectiveness of BoNT-A as a treatment tool at all levels of the ICF in patients who have pain following an upper limb burn injury. The outcomes of this research will have significant implications for the prescriptive use of BoNT-A in patients with chronic upper limb pain following burn injury.


Feb 2008

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