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Mehrdad Heydari

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Thesis: Alteration History of the Kambalda Komatiite Formation, Kambalda Domain, Western Australia: Implications for fluid evolution and gold hydrothermal systems

The main objective of the project was to investigate whether komatiite units were fluid and metal reservoirs for gold-bearing hydrothermal systems, through field, petrographic, geochemical and isotopic studies of alteration mineral assemblages in key gold mineralised and unmineralised geologic settings of the Kambalda Domain. The project documented various komatiite alteration assemblages with respect to the mineralisation and structural elements at microscopic, macroscopic and domain scale. The field areas included the Hannan Lake south of the Golden Mile gold deposit, New Celebration gold deposits, the Otter-Juan and Long-Victor nickel mines at the Kambalda Dome. The field areas were selected based on the regional distribution of gold and nickel deposits with respect to the ultramafic units.

Why my research is important

The nature and timing of hydration, carbonation and alkali metasomatism of the komatiites at the Kalgoorlie-Kambalda domain of Western Australia is a significant research topic due to the broad spatial association of of gold mineralisation and talc-carbonated komatiite units with or without Fe-Ni sulphide deposits, and also because of the reactive nature altered komatiite units. The units could represent important fluid and metal sources and influence the development of permeable pathways for gold hydrothermal systems in a manner which could be predicted.


Mar 2002

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