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Dolar Pak

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Thesis: Pathogen variation, disease epidemiology, host resistance and control of the rice blast pathogen (Magnaporthe oryzae) in Australia

Rice blast, caused by M. oryzae, is the most important disease of rice worldwide and recently, M. oryzae has been detected in northern Western Australia, which could seriously adversely impact upon further development of rice production there. Approximately 99% of all Australian rice is produced in NSW Riverina region which remains free from M. oryzae. New South Wales has strict quarantine regulations in place to prevent entry of blast disease into that area. My phD research aims to investigate decontamination methods to eliminate or prevent blast spores from spreading between Australian rice growing regions. Also, my research will test the effect of fungicide chemicals in controlling blast diseases.

Why my research is important

This research will provide the critical information in relation to strategies in controlling the spread of blast conidia from rice growing areas between states and also how to eradicate contaminated spores on materials such as agricultural equipment and clothes. The effectiveness of available chemical for controlling blast disease will be demonstrated.

Feb 2014

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