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Md Shahin Uz Zaman

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Thesis: Waterlogging tolerance at germination in pea

Waterlogging refers to the saturation of soil with water that limits oxygen supply to the roots. Eventually root function is reduced or stops and start to die off the plant. Pea is the most sensitive to waterlogging that occurs at different growth stages of plant. However, in Bangladesh and many South Asian countries waterlogging occurs mainly at the germination stage. This causes a significant reduction of population and ultimately decreases yield.

There are several agronomic strategies to alleviate damage; however, these are often not economically viable and sometimes inappropriate. Therefore, genetic tolerance is the best way to mitigate waterlogging stress. The proposed study will identify waterlogging tolerance at germination, assess genotypic variability in germplasm and conduct a study to understand the genetic basis of tolerance by estimating the heritability, and identifying QTLs associated. This novel information will contribute to the understanding of an important under-researched stress of the model pea plant

Why my research is important

This research project will identify genotypic variation and the genetic basis of waterlogging tolerance at germination which will contribute valuable genetic knowledge towards an important stress of pea plant, the original model species used by Gregor Mendel. This knowledge will help designing an improved approach to waterlogging tolerance of pea. Furthermore, these findings can be easily translated to related legume species and beyond.


Feb 2015

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