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Jack Moore

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Thesis: A coupled multiphysics framework for data assimilation in geology

Chaos is ubiquitous in physical systems. Within the Earth sciences it is readily evident in seismology, groundwater flows and drilling data. In this project, the models and workflows which have been used successfully to understand and even to forecast chaotic systems in other scientific fields, including electrical engineering, neurology and oceanography, will be applied to our planet’s chaotic systems and processes. Through these techniques the parameters governing the mechanisms driving geophysical phenomena will be extracted and used to feed physics-based forward models.

Why my research is important

It is hoped that the project’s multiphysics descriptions will be extended to understand basic processes leading to the formation and distribution of mineral and energy resources. The thesis will represent first steps towards developing and testing a novel framework designed for the future of the energy and mineral industry.


Mar 2013

Mar 2016