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Jianwei Zi

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Thesis: Triassic tectono-magmatism in northern Lanping-Simao Basin, SW China: implications to tectonic evolution of paleo-Tethys ocean

The Sanjiang (means three rivers) Region situated in the eastern margin of Tibet Plateau, is an area characterized topographically by big mountains and great valleys which recording the enigmatic evolutionary history of the paleo-Tethys ocean. Various igneous rocks, as products of the paleo-Tethys ocean subduction and closure, are extensively exposed in this Region. My project is focused on Triassic bimodal volcanic rocks and associated felsic-mafic plutons developed across the northern Lanping-Simao Basin in the central part of the Sanjiang Region. Combined field investigation, petrology and geochemistry studies and state-of-the-art geochronologic and isotopic techniques will be utilized to obtain accurate constraints on the origin and age of the targeted rocks and magmatic belts. Quality dataset achieved will enable us to establish a tempo-spatial evolutionary pattern for the Triassic tectono-magmatism in this region and to understand the original tectonic configuration.

Why my research is important

My research area the Sanjiang Region is a key region bridging different tectonic domains (ie., Tethys-Himalayan and Circum-Pacific domains) and an significant metallogenic zone in SW China. Abundant igneous rocks, as witnesses or records of paleo-Tethys ocean closure and collision, are of great significance to trace tectonic activities in geological history. This study is expected to clarify the geological significance and petrogenesis of Triassic volcanic and plutonic rocks in the study area, and to place temporal and genetic constraints on the collision-related magmatism. The results will provide insights into the paleo-Tethys subduction and closure and subsequent mountain-building in this region, and will advance our understanding about the geodynamics and metallogenesis of this segment of paleo-Tethyan domain.


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