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Andrew Haynes

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Thesis: The Effect of Distinct Modalities of Acute Exercise and Exercise Training on Markers of Platelet Activation in Humans

This research will examine what effect acute bouts of exercise and exercise training have on platelet function, the presence of monocyte-platelet aggregates and endothelial function. This will be conducted using a variety of exercise modalities, in diverse populations taking into account age, physical activity habits and obesity. Blood samples will be taken and the ultrasound assessment of vascular function will be carried out on participants’ pre and post-acute exercise, and before and after extended periods of exercise training. The results of these studies will provide insight into the effect acute bouts of distinct modalities of exercise and exercise training have on risk of thrombosis, a novel marker of atherogenesis and the vascular endothelium.

Why my research is important

While the long term health benefits of physical activity are well established, acute exercise is associated with a transient increased risk of acute heart attack or stroke. However, in people regularly involved in exercise training this risk is reduced and cardiovascular outcomes are improved. This phenomena may, in part, be related to the effect exercise has on platelets, and it is hypothesised that this may be associated with the endothelium. This research may not only provide insight into the mechanisms responsible for the divergent responses to exercise, but also help inform exercise prescription for different populations.


Mar 2013

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