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Zoya Gridneva

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Thesis: Investigation of Factors Contributing to Appetite Control and Body Composition in Fully Breastfed Term Infants

Child obesity is an increasing international concern, it is evident that fully breastfed infants control their nutritional intake and are at decreased risk of obesity and obesity related disease later in life.

A better understanding of the associations of early infant nutrition and growth with adult health requires accurate assessment of breastmilk production, milk components, energy intake and body composition in infancy.

The aim of this research is to investigate mechanisms involved in appetite control in a longitudinal study using novel methods and technology (ultrasonography, air-displacement plethysmography, bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy) developed in our laboratory to measure energy intake, feeding frequency, milk composition, gastric emptying, infant body composition and appetite hormones in breastmilk.

Why my research is important

This knowledge will clarify the relationship between infant development and appetite control and set the basis for intervention at a critical window with great potential to assist in the prevention of obesity.

The significance of this project is that it provides the necessary knowledge required to target obesity prevention and potentially improve national health.

Aug 2012

Aug 2016