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Malindi Gammon

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Thesis: Predicting the vulnerability of flatback turtle rookeries in the North West Shelf to a changing climate

My research aims to understand how climate change will threaten the viability of flatback turtle nesting sites in the North West Shelf of Western Australia. In particular, I will focus on the vulnerability of nesting beaches to erosion and inundation, as well as the physiology of developing turtle embryos, and how these will be impacted by warming beaches.

Why my research is important

Endemic to Australia, Flatback turtles are listed nationally as Vulnerable. Much of their limited range overlaps with the oil and gas industry, and their nesting beaches are becoming increasingly vulnerable to climate change. My research will provide crucial information to prioritise conservation actions for flatback turtles in the face of a changing climate. This project forms part of the North West Shelf Flatback Conservation Program which is a 30-year, $32.5 million program administered by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.


Malindi's research focuses on the nesting beaches of flatback turtles

Sep 2018

Sep 2021