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James Dunne

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Thesis: EMG-assisted CMC Modeling for the Estimation of Muscle Forces and Knee Loading During Prolonged Running.

The goal of my research is to establish methodological procedures and software that address some of the fundamental limitations for computational biomechanical tools being widely adopted into clinical gait analysis in the USA and Australia. My PhD aims to establish methods to enhance reproducibility of joint torques and muscle forces produced by OpenSim and to improve the validity of muscle force estimates. This will be done through three studies;

1 - Improve the reliability of joint-torques and muscle force estimates through investigation of different techniques of subject-specific scaling.

2 - Development of a EMG assisted computer muscle control (EMG-CMC) model that uses experimentally collected muscle activation (EMG) and marker motion data as simulation inputs.

3 - Implementation of EMG-CMC to investigate the effect of prolonged running on muscular force production and knee joint contact forces.

Why my research is important

My work will create methods and software for surgeons and researchers, who have little experience or knowledge with clinical analysis tools that give informative data on movement dynamics (muscle forces, joint loading), as well as improve the prediction of surgical outcomes in time and effort efficient manner. These three studies provide an important opportunity to develop a methodological framework and software which will increase the relevance of computational biomechanical modeling in the medical and health fields.