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Guangzhen Zhao

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Thesis: Chiral Sulfoxide Ligands: Synthesis and Applications in Hydroboration Reactions

The aim of this project is to investigate the facile synthesis of a group of chiral sulfoxide compounds and use them as chiral ligands in asymmetric hydroboration reactions.

Why my research is important

In the last 20 years, chiral sulfur ligands have been sporadically studied. In the case of sulfoxides, the inherent stereogenic center at the sulfur and the close vicinity of it to the transition metal center in precatalysts may lead to unprecedented reactivity patterns in the enantiofacial discrimination. The organoboranes produced from alkenes, especially the ones containing stereogenic carbon centers, are important intermediates and synthons for many natural products, functional groups and drug synthesis. They are often used to form carbon-oxygen, carbon-nitrogen, carbon-carbon, boron-carbon, boron-chlorine bond consecutively.


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