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Intan Zulkafli

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Thesis: Effects of high fat and high omega-3 diets on the outcomes of foetal programming with glucocorticoids excess and the implication on circadian rhythm

foetal programming is now recognised as one of the major determinants of adult onset metabolic syndrome with obesity being the most profound and debilitating feature. Despite many successful animal models established for foetal programming, most did not result in obesity. In this study we tested the hypothesis that manipulation of the post-natal environment with high fat diet can induce obesity in programmed offspring and that this feature will be attenuated by long chain ω-3 fatty acids supplementation.

Why my research is important

It is hoped that this study will demonstrate for the first time that an inter-play between in utero insult and post natal environment is necessary to induce obesity and that supplementation with ω-3 fatty acids reduced the severity of obesity in programmed animals. This will further support the beneficial role of ω-3 supplementation and its potential to reduce programming outcomes in human.


Jul 2009

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