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Claire Rechichi

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Thesis: The affect of oral contraceptive cycle phase and acute hormonal variation on athletic performance

The purpose of the thesis was to determine whether a number of physiological and performance variables including; blood profiles, anthropometric measures, aerobic endurance, anaerobic power, reactive strength and repeated sprint ability are affected by the acute fluctuation in hormone concentrations throughout a monophasic oral contraceptive cycle. The most elite level female athletes available were used for the various components of the research.

Why my research is important

Research in this general area was scarce and conflicting. The aim of this research was to be able to provide both practical advice and scientific evidence to coaches, athletes and sport scientists to enable them to determine whether and how oral contraceptive cycle phase can impact on athletic performance. Based on this information educated choices can be made as to whether athletes should manipulate their menstrual cycle with the aim of optimising performance in relation to major competitions.


Sep 1998

Apr 2010