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Ben Edwards

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Thesis: The creation of a novel process intensified encapsulation of drug nanoparticles with enteric coating polymers for drug delivery

My project work is based around developing a unique and novel technique to create protective coatings around individual drug nanoparticles, retaining beneficial aspects of the uncoated particles, while obtaining new aspects that enhance the material. Side projects will cover various tangents to this main aspect of the project, such as looking at different drug materials to work with and characterising them.

Why my research is important

This research will be very beneficial to the pharmaceutical industries, as well as medical branches, as it has the possibility to circumvent various issues that come from taking oral drugs before or after taking food. This means that the strict guidelines that are usually enforced can be relaxed, which will help patients that have problems remembering when to take their medicine.


Feb 2009

Sep 2012