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Murni Greenhill

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Thesis: Community forestry in Indonesia and Vietnam: Factors motivating farmers’ decisions to adopt (acacia) silviculture management

Agroforestry systems serve as an important function to support the livelihood of smallholder farmers in Indonesia and Vietnam. The smallholder’s agroforestry system is, however, often marred with low quality wood production due to the lack of access to tree management information and quality germplasm. Even in regions where trees have been grown for generations, silviculture management practices are found to be limited and the potential income from trees for farmers is not fully realised. My PhD research attempts to seek an understanding of the different social and economic drivers that motivate farmers to adopt silviculture management.

Why my research is important

The research is important as smallholder farmers are not maximising their potential tree income. Despite capital investment that have been made to advance the technical aspect of growing acacias, the knowledge transfer to smallholder farmers has been limited. With income from acacia accounting for as much as 65% of farmer income in Vietnam, any improvement in tree management knowledge and seedling selection will significantly impact on farmers’ income and their livelihood.


Acacia plantation in Vietnam

Mar 2016

Mar 2020