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Emilie Thienot

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Thesis: An examination of Mindfulness in Sport

Mindfulness is a distinct form of awareness and attention. This concept is characterised by present-moment awareness and acceptance (in a non-judgmental way). A relationship between mindfulness and sport performance has been established in sport psychology. However, given the lack of studies examining this relationship, we wish to explore and conceptualise mindfulness in sport. The aim of the 1st study is to construct and validate a questionnaire, which can measure mindfulness in individual and team sports. The 2nd and 3rd studies will be more applied; their aim will be to assess the effects of a mindfulness-based program on elite swimmers’ performance and recovery.

Why my research is important

Several conceptualisations of mindfulness and clinical interventions based on mindfulness training have been developed in mainstream psychology. These applications belong to the to the third wave of cognitive-behavioural therapy. In the sport context, present-moment focus strategies have been linked with peak performance and optimal mental states. A better understanding of mindfulness in sport could help to develop specific programs which aim to enhance elite athletes performances and well-being.


Sep 2009

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