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Marjorie Cattaneo Fernandes

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Thesis: The status of pelagic fish and shark assemblages in the Palau and Chagos Marine Protected Areas

My research examines the distribution, abundance and behaviour of sharks and other fish in two Marine Protected Areas: the Chagos archipelago, the World’s second largest no-take marine reserve, and Palau, the world’s first shark sanctuary. I will assess the impact of these increased efforts in marine conservation using mid-water Baited Remote Underwater Video systems and Deep cameras. I am looking at mid-water and deep sea fish biodiversity in order monitor fish and sharks in Marine Protected Areas.

Why my research is important

This research will lead to a better understanding of the effects of latitudinal and depth gradients on biodiversity of fish and shark assemblage. The research will also contribute to a better design and monitoring of large Marine Protected Areas.

Nov 2014

Nov 2017