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Laura Elena Segura

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Thesis: A quantitative assessment of the morphological behaviour of southwestern Australian beaches on seasonal and event time scales

I am investigating the physical processes that drive beach morphodynamics over short term (hours, days) and long term time periods (seasons) as well as how the presence or absence of offshore structures such as reefs may modify this response. In order to accomplish this research, I am working in two different beaches along Southwestern Australia, one exposed beach, located at Secret Harbour, and one reef-fronted beach located at Garden Island.

Why my research is important

Currently, a high percentage of the world's population live at coasts which generates a lot of pressure in these environments. In addition, sea level rise and stronger storms due to climate change are affecting the natural equilibrium of beaches worldwide. That is why it is extremely important to study how beaches behave and what are the main physical processes that drive beach changes. By using this knowledge, better coastal management and planning can be achieved.


Beach Survey at Garden Island using RTK-GPS

Feb 2013

Feb 2017