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Alla Alsharif

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Thesis: Development and application of an innovative- methodological approach to the design of frameworks for targeted School Dental Service programs; using empirical predictive data

The impact of oral disease on people’s everyday lives is subtle and invasive, influencing eating, sleeping, working and social roles. The frequency and incidence of these impacts constitutes a silent epidemic. In Australia, dental caries is the second most costly diet-related disease, with an economic impact comparable with that of heart disease and diabetes. This research will emphasise oral health issues of children in Western Australia and highlight associated costs. It aims to develop a methodological approach (a model) to predict future rates for various oral health related conditions among children under 15 in Western Australia. On the way to correlates these oral conditions with the services location in relation to Indigenous and non-indigenous child oral health in WA. The association of residential location with children oral diseases prevalence, severity and Hospitalization will be examined. This will develop an approach to utilise this model as a decision support tool to design/test new frameworks for targeted Dental Service approaches.

Why my research is important

This would be considered as a basis for developing models of efficient population based surveillance and treatment approaches using a modeled decision and support tool(s) to suggest frameworks for targeted dental service approaches.


Mar 2011

Sep 2015