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Rhiannon Halse

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Thesis: The Role of Exercise in the Management of Maternal Glycaemia: Implications for Pregnancies Complicated by Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

This thesis supports the clinical importance of incorporating exercise training as an adjunctive strategy in the antenatal diabetic care of pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes mellitus. Specifically, home-based exercise training may benefit maternal glycaemic control and improve aerobic fitness, as well as attitude and intentions towards maternal exercise following diagnosis of the condition. Importantly, these outcomes can be achieved without compromising the health of the mother or fetus. This is especially important given the unique window of opportunity pregnancy presents to establish lifelong lifestyle changes that have the potential to perpetuate health benefits to our future generations.

Why my research is important

This thesis makes a valuable contribution to the body of research aimed at establishing guidelines for exercise prescription for women with GDM that can be readily adopted into clinical practice.