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Marcus Lee

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Thesis: Three-Dimensional Stereoscopic Stimulus to Examine Evasive Side-stepping

Visuoperceptual-movement couplings (VPMC) appear to determine the eventual efficacy of movement. However, these couplings have only been investigated in the context of sports performance with the use of generic stimuli, an approach that has recently attracted criticism. No research has explored how VPMC may influence movement patterns associated with injury, such as evasive sidestepping (Ssg) resulting in non-contact ACL injuries. Previous literature investigating ACL injury risk have been laboratory based Ssg studies that have utilised generic visual used generic stimuli which do not deliver realistic situational-specific perceptual demands, and therefore, may not be accurately identifying the relationship between sports specific perceptual demands and knee loading. Associations between visual cueing strategies and the type of visuoperceptual information necessary for increasing movement pre-planning time in Ssg, resulting in reduced ACL injury risk, has also never been investigated.

Why my research is important

1) Development of a realistic three-dimensional stereoscopic stimulus to bring the game environment in the laboratory, overcoming the limitation of using generic stimuli for reactive testing that is seen in most laboratory-based studies

2) Better understanding of associations between visual cueing in sport specific scenarios requiring the performance of an evasive sidestep, a high ACL injury risk manoeuvre.

3) Potential for injury prevention programs to be developed from experimental results


Jun 2007

Dec 2010