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Tomas Tam

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Thesis: Cenozoic sedimentary processes in the Great Australian Bight and their interactions with volcanism and crustal fluids.

The PhD focuses on understanding the Cenozoic sedimentary processes of the continental slope in the Great Australian Bight. It aims to understand the interaction between submarine sedimentary processes with recent volcanism and crustal fluids in the area. Slope processes and the depositional history will be investigated through the integration of existing open-file multidisciplinary regional datasets and recently acquired high-resolution multi-beam bathymetry, sub-bottom profiles, piston cores, rock samples and over 30,000 km2 of high-resolution 3D seismic data. The results from the study will shed new light on geologically recent slope processes in the GAB, which will provide insight into carbonate-dominated gravity current processes at deepwater cool-water margins.

Why my research is important

This study provides an important opportunity to study cool-water carbonate rocks and sedimentary processes in a deep-marine setting and in particular, bring new insight to the Cenozoic sedimentological history and stratigraphic architecture of the Great Australian Bight. In addition, the outcomes of this study will increase our understanding of the interaction of recent to modern subsea volcanism with carbonate sedimentation and large-scale gravity flow processes of the region. Whilst not specifically working for petroleum prospectivity, understanding basin history is valuable in informing exploration strategies to reduce exploration risks.


Feb 2017

Feb 2020