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Jinyi Chen

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Thesis: Revealing mechanisms for trifluralin resistance in Lolium rigidum

Lolium rigidum is Australia’s most economically damaging crop weed, and has evolved resistance to many herbicides of different sites of action (e.g. ACCase, ALS inhibitor herbicides). Trifluralin, a pre-emergent dinitroaniline herbicide, was first introduced for L. rigidum control in Australia in 1970s and is vital for Australian minimum/zero tillage agriculture as it remains effective in controlling multiple resistant L. rigidum. Resistance to trifluralin was early reported in 1995 and now the level of resistance is increasing to a worrisome level.

Why my research is important

The reveal on trifluralin resistance mechanisms in Lolium rigidum will help to understand trifluralin resistance evolution and genetics, which is of great help to delay and mitigate trifluralin resistance.


Sep 2015

Sep 2018