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Yathunanthan Vasuki

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Thesis: Semi-automatic mapping of geology using photogrammetric data

Geological structures are critically important for exploration and mining of mineral deposits. For example, geological faults represent weakness in the Earth’s crust which may indicate potential pathways for mineralising fluids for hydrothermal deposits such as gold. Conventionally, structural geologists identify geological structures and measure their 3D orientations in the field. With the recent advances in aerial data acquisition technologies from aircraft and also drones, there is a growing interest in capturing high-resolution two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) rock surface images and analysing geological structures within those datasets digitally. This is particularly useful for data collection in locations with limited human access. The proposed study specifically focuses on how to efficiently and objectively analyse these 2D image data sets and 3D rock surface datasets using image analysis techniques.

Why my research is important

The general contribution of this research will be to develop semi-automated methodologies to analyse geological structures such as faults, joints and bedding from photogrammetric data. The output of this study will have a significant impact on the resources industry, because mine geologist have time demanding workflows and are often prevented from access to rock faces due to safety considerations


Aug 2011

Mar 2017