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Dong Wang

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Thesis: China’s Energy Transition: Possibility, Performance and Pathway

This research investigates China’s energy transition from high-carbon, high-pollution energy to low-carbon and clean energy. I seek to answer (1) if traditional energy can be replaced by modern energy and why; (2) if energy transition across provinces reflects different patterns and what determines it; (3) if we can find an optimal path to realize this transition under maximizing total output and how to get the optimization for the whole country. This research will be conducted from economic perspectives with aiming at exploring the transition issues and obtaining policy implications for policymakers. Some econometric tools including panel data approach,time series analysis and dynamic optimization will be employed. My findings will contribute to our existing knowledge on energy transition and energy economics in China.

Why my research is important

China is undergoing an energy transition which will influence China and world profoundly in the next few decades. However, our knowledge on this socioeconomic change is still limited. What is the possibility of China’s energy transition and how does it perform? What would be an optimal pathway to achieve it? Economists and policymakers need to understand this process well in order to plan a good policy under different scenarios.


Sep 2013

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