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Dina Hermawaty

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Thesis: Organelle dynamics during development and dormancy of grapevine buds in seasonal climates.

Plant growth and development are tightly linked with climate and seasonal changes and much of our current knowledge of seasonal perception in plants is drawn from annual species. My project will investigate the role of subcellular organelles in the perception of seasonal change in the axillary bud of grapevine. Particular attention will be given to the nucleus and energy-related organelle, mitochondria and chloroplast. In perennials, limited is known about organelle biogenesis during axillary bud development, maturation and also the role of nuclear in synchronize this event with seasonal changes. Experiment in this study include: 1) proteomic study of mitochondrial, chloroplast and nuclear related protein components, 2) organelle morphology observation using transmission electron microscopy, and 3) chromatin accessibility analysis during grapevine bud development and maturation.

Why my research is important

My research is focusing on organelle development and dynamics in life cycle transition of grapevine buds. It is expected to gain deeper understanding of mitochondria, chloroplast and nucleus regulations during bud development, maturation, and dormancy/quiescent which might be the key in driving coordinated growth of grapevine buds especially in the face of a warming climate.


Jul 2015

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