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Kristin Barry

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Thesis: The development of a model of auditory-limbic interactions and the influence of limbic areas on tinnitus generation.

Tinnitus is a phantom perception of sound that can often be debilitating. Research has shown tinnitus to be frequently associated with noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and the development of abnormal neural activity along the auditory pathway. However, abnormal neural activity does not always lead to the development of tinnitus. This has lead researchers to consider non-auditory brain regions which may act as a "switch" to control whether the abnormal neural activity which develops after NIHL is bought to a conscious tinnitus perception. Recently, there has been a growing amount of human evidence for brain areas associated with stress (limbic areas) to be altered in tinnitus.

Why my research is important

The present study aims to explore the nature of limbic-auditory interactions and investigate the viability of these interactions to act as a therapeutic target for tinnitus treatment.


Aug 2013

Aug 2016