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Michael Wheeler

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Thesis: The Interacting effects of exercise and breaks in sitting time on cognitive and metabolic function

Previous studies have indicated that exercise is important for health, as well as for cognitive function. Recent research has also indicated that reducing and breaking up sitting time is important for health. However it is unknown whether breaking up sitting will benefit cognitive function. It is also unknown if breaking up sitting plus exercise is better for cognitive function than exercise alone. My thesis examines the the interacting effects of both exercise and breaking up sitting time on cognitive function and metabolic function.

Why my research is important

Optimal cognitive function is important for productivity and quality of life. This is especially relevant for Australia’s ageing population, where the number of people with dementia is increasing. This research has the potential to offer lifestyle advice to reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. This protective effect of lifestyle modification is essential to brain health, as there are currently no medications available to offer similar protection against cognitive decline and dementia.

Nov 2014

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