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Sean Byrne

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Thesis: The effect of above real time perceptual training on the preparatory mechanics of evasive sidestepping; implications for anterior cruciate ligament injury prevention

This study will investigate the mechanics involved in the preparation phase of an evasive sidestep and identify links between this phase and the weight acceptance phase where knee injuries are known to occur.

We will then look at how a perceptual training intervention may be used to influence the kinematics of this preparation phase and possibly reduce potentially injurious knee loads during evasive sidestepping.

Why my research is important

ACL injuries are one of the most detrimental lower limb injuries that occur in sport.

This research will contribute to the growing base of information regarding ACL injury prevention.

We hope to provide a new avenue for effective ACL injury prevention and identify the benefits of above real time training as an injury prevention tool

Feb 2014