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Jian Du

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Thesis: Development and validation of a methodology for the determination of Persistent Organic pollutants (POPs) in human milk

(1) Develop and validate a suitable methodology for the detection of POP in HM by comparing traditional extraction techniques and QuEChERS using HM as matrix.

(2) Identification and Quantification of POP residues in HM based on the optimized methodology. Concentrations of POP residues are calculated based on lipid content (ng/g lipid).

(3) Demonstrate the connection between concentrations of POP in HM and nursing mothers’ characteristics (e.g. age, BMI, diet, habit, parity, occupation).

Why my research is important

a. QuEChERS extraction method will be developed and validated in human milk.

b. Try to demonstrate the relationship between POP residues and mothers characteristics.

c. Try to explore the main exposure source of POPs in Australia.

d. No systematic information available for POPs in Perth (WA) after 1980s.


Aug 2012

Aug 2015