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Gracie Verde Selva

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Thesis: Payment for Ecosystem Services and the Brazilian ICMS-E: an exploration of environmental policy outcomes based on stakeholder values and perception.

This research proposes to focus on an example of a Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) scheme in Brazil known as the Ecological ICMS. This state legislation assigns a percentage of the revenue from the goods and services tax to the compensation of lost potential revenue based on municipalities having legislated conservation reserves that cannot be developed for economic gain.The research will explore the Ecological ICMS (ICMS-E) within specific Brazilian states to determine who are the main drivers in the enactment of this policy, who the stakeholders are and how the legislation works on the ground in terms of its environmental, economic, social and political outcomes.

Why my research is important

Whilst PES schemes are the subject of intense academic discussion, there has been very little scholarly research focusing on ICMS-E in the past ten years. The significance of this research therefore lies with its ability to critically evaluate an under-researched area of environmental policy, which has major implications for conservation in a country where effective natural resource management is imperative.

Mar 2013