Science Passport

Articulate your skills to employers

The Science Passport is a self-guided project for PhD researchers in science, to generate an electronic showcase of your unique skill set in the form of an e-Portfolio and online Curriculum Vitae. A PhD thesis is evidence of your disciplinary-specific knowledge. In contrast, your Science Passport tells a story about how you have used your PhD experience to build an impressive reservoir of transferable skills, and presents this in a way that appeals to future employers.

Your Science Passport will leave you well-placed to create job applications. You can be confident that your Science Passport is 'market-ready,' because it will have been endorsed by an assessor, and where appropriate you may receive electronic badges as evidence of this endorsement.

How do I register?

The Science Passport program is due to launch in April 2019. Once launched you can follow these instructions:

  •  Login to the Learning Management System (LMS) using your student Pheme login details
  •  Click on the 'Community' tab at the top right
  •  In 'Organisation Search' search for Science Passport
  •  Hover over the Organisation ID for Science Passport until you see a chevron (drop-down icon) appear
  •  Click on the chevron and click on 'Enrol'
  •  When you go to your LMS home you will now see Science Passport in your list of organisations. Work your way through the self-guided content to create your Science Passport

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The Science Passport program is launching soon (expected April 2019).
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