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Yathunanthan Sivarajah

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Thesis: Towards understanding the human interpretation process of geophysics data

Geoscientific data interpretation is a highly subjective and difficult task, which demands the understanding of events in distant past using often incomplete, low resolution observations. The research to date has demonstrated that there is a higher level of uncertainty that exists in the geological data analysis and needs more reliable ways of analysing geological data. This research investigates the feasibility of analysing the physiological and neurological responses while the interpretation is made to understand the human interpretation process of geophysics data.

This will be achieved by tracking the eye movements using the Eye Tracker System (ETS) to detect the possible realization event segment and identify the moments of realization by capturing the brain responses from Electroencephalogram (EEG).

Why my research is important

In the exploration industry, costly decisions are made largely based on the interpretations of geoscientific data. Interpretations are reached using multiple, inconsistent, and often sparsely sampled geoscientific data, which are deciphered using biases and heuristics of individual interpreters. This makes the interpretation highly subjective and exploration prioritisation and other decisions highly uncertain.

This study will help to understand the variations amongst geoscientist with different backgrounds, identification of their geological realisation, reconciling different interpretations, training of interpreters and understanding the impact of different data visualisation methods.


Mar 2010

Mar 2014