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Lucy Leyland

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Thesis: Hydrogeological assessment of the Leederville aquifer, Perth, WA

Beneath Perth lies an extensive groundwater system that is fundamental to the city water supply. The objective of my PhD is to improve understanding of the Leederville aquifer that sits about 200 to 600m below the surface. I am currently synthesising sedimentological, petrophysical and geophysical data into a detailed 3D geological model, to best determine the pattern of deposition of the different sediments. I will then incorporate hydrogeological data to produce a coherent flow model.

The two main outcomes of this project are firstly to assess the accuracy of Perth Regional Aquifer Management Modelling System (PRAMS) in its representation of groundwater flow and secondly to assess the groundwater interaction between the Leederville and the Superficial aquifers.

Why my research is important

Perth is the only Australian capital city which relies predominantly on groundwater. The growing population and 21% decline in winter rainfall in southwestern Western Australia over the last 40 years has resulted in increasing pressure on groundwater resources in the metropolitan area.

A sound understanding of the Leederville aquifer is crucial for management of water abstraction and for assessment of hydrogeological and ecological consequences of pumping.


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