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Thesis: Dynamics of zinc accumulation in wheat grains grown in conventional and biological farming systems

Zinc is one of the most important elements for plants and animals. Globally, Zn deficiency is listed as a major risk factor for poor human health and cause of death. World Health Organization (WHO) also reported Zn deficiency as a risk factors responsible for development of illnesses and diseases. Zinc deficiency as a risk is being ranked 11th among the 20 most important factors in the world and 5th among the 10 most important factors in developing countries by WHO.

Zinc deficiency in soils and plants is a global micronutrient deficiency problem reported in many countries. Agriculture can supply high Zn food to combat Zn deficiency. Identifying appropriate approach to enrich Zn into edible parts is high priority nowadays. Therefore, understanding the Zn dynamics in soil-plant-human continuum is important aspect and got high relevance.

Why my research is important

In the past, researchers have dealt with the different agronomic and physiological aspects of Zn in soil and plants. However, forms of Zn transported in plants are still uncertain. Moreover, the knowledge about Zn cycling in conventional and biological farming systems is non-existent. How and in which form Zn is being transported in the soil-root-shoot-grains continuum under two different farming systems is not known. Characterizing the mechanisms of accumulation of Zn in wheat grains grown under different farming systems will help understand the mechanisms of Zn loading into grain.


Jun 2007

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