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Federico Tovaglieri

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Thesis: Depositional history and paleogeographic reconstruction of the Jurassic Plover Formation, North West Shelf.

My study is centred on the Browse Basin (North West Shelf, offshore northwestern Australia) and its objective is to reconstruct the paleogeography during deposition of the Jurassic Plover deltaic system. This system is an important reservoir on the North West Shelf so lateral and vertical facies distribution and connectivity of sandstones is particularly critical in my study. Detailed sedimentological analysis of core and well data (wireline logs and image logs), integrated with seismic and biostratigraphic data, will be used to construct paleogeographic maps for specific time intervals.

Why my research is important

The Jurassic Plover Formation hosts the reservoirs currently targeted in the Browse Basin. The relatively scarcity and uneven distribution of wells drilled in the Browse Basin, with respect to its large size, means that a confident spatial correlation of the various sand bodies (i.e. potential reservoirs) has been limited. Consequently the Plover delta is only poorly constrained and the location and distribution of the various deltaic environments remains problematic. Better physical evidence is needed to identify the type of delta, its environments and its controlling factors in order to evaluate the spatial distribution and geometry of the various sand bodies which act as petroleum reservoirs.

My project aims to construct a geological model for the Plover Formation which was deposited during early rifitng of Gondwanaland. This model will also consider sediment pathways from their source region/s including the role of rift-related volcanism.


Apr 2009

Apr 2012