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Constanza Jara Barra

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Thesis: Gold pathways: evolution of the lithospheric to crustal architecture of the El Indio Belt, Chile-Argentina

This study will test the Mineral System hypothesis in one of the most highly Au-endowed provinces of the Andes Cordillera (>40Moz Au), intending to define:

1 The trans-lithospheric architecture that acts as the magma/fluids pathway, linking the fertile source with the deposits’ location

2. This architecture’s geodynamic evolution related to metallogenic events.

The El Indio Belt has a long exploration history, providing a broad variety of studies and datasets (geophysical, geochemical, geological) on which this work will build.

The study will provide the first regional syntheses of these datasets, complemented with new field, isotopic and structural data.

Why my research is important

It intends to stimulate new approaches to identify new Au-rich provinces at early stages, fast-tracking discoveries by focusing attention towards sub-districts more predisposed to exceptional gold endowment.


Clouds seem to emerge from the mountains, as wind blows over the El Indio Belt.