Screen Sharing Copyright Clearance Licence for Teachers

While COVID-19 restrictions are in place online lessons are the safest option for students and teachers. The AMEB recognises that online lessons come with their own challenges like being unable to point out a specific bar or marking on a page.

As a temporary solution to this sort of issue, the AMEB has negotiated a special licence that will allow teachers to screen share AMEB publications via their chosen online lesson platform (eg. Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams etc.)

The Screen Sharing Copyright Clearance Licence is free for all teachers within Australia who complete the online application form. With this licence, teachers and students are still required to each own an original copy of the AMEB publication being shared. The licence is valid until 14 October 2020. Full terms and conditions of this licence are detailed at the end of the application form.

The AMEB hopes this free licence will make remote learning a little bit easier, while still protecting the rights and intellectual property of publishers and composers, whose works are represented in AMEB publications.

Should you have any questions about this licence or the application process, please contact the AMEB Federal Office on 1300 725 709 or [email protected]