Dr Mario Couto Ferrari

Started at UWA: 2018

Inspiring students to become leading dentists

Dr Mario Ferrari is a senior lecturer in the UWA Dental School. He graduated with a Bachelor of Dentistry from the Universidade Metodista de Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2000. He followed this with a master’s degree in Forensic Dentistry from the Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), a second master’s in International Health from the University of Heidelberg in Germany, and a Doctorate in Social Dentistry from USP.

Between 2001 and 2012, Dr Ferrari worked as a dentist in Brazil and Germany, before starting his role as a professor at the Faculty of Dentistry at Universidade Federal de Uberlandia (UFU) in Brazil, where he was responsible for guiding more than 200 graduate students.

During his time at the university, Dr Ferrari coordinated successful research projects, including one in which he planned a dental care routine for homeless and disadvantaged people living in Brazil. Under the project, about 2000 people were given dental care, including dental hygiene, prosthetics, periodontal and endodontic treatments, extractions and dental implants. General health evaluations and psychiatry care were also given if needed.

Another project involved forming a League of Students for those studying Forensic Dentistry at UFU. His third project was developing an app to assist researchers with their studies, called DentIP, which housed dentistry topics based on peer-reviewed sources.

Dr Ferrari also worked on a collaborative project with the Universidade de Sao Paulo, the City of Sao Paulo and Colgate, which involved embedding dentistry students within the local community. These students provide locals with dentistry, while Colgate provided dental hygiene kits and the materials needed within the clinics.

During his time in Brazil, Dr Ferrari received more than $150,000 in funding to run the above programs, which included $100,000 sponsorship to develop his app.

Dr Ferrari is currently in the process of scripting a pilot for a television series about the life of dentists in the public health sector in Brazil, in which Colgate has expressed interest. He is also the course coordinator for the Doctor of Dental Medicine.

My true passion is teaching and being involved with academia, in any shape, size or form, especially when it comes to oral and dental health research, education and new technologies. Dr Mario Couto Ferrari

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