Migration and mobilities

Exploring the motivations behind human movement patterns


We live in a world characterised by mobility. People travel for migration or tourism, moving permanently or temporarily, individually or with families, by choice or through force. Mobility is something that defines humankind, crucial to our biological and social evolution. Archaeological records show people have moved places for millennia, yet people are also sometimes immobilised, manifested in border controls or social exclusion.

In this research area, we examine patterns of contemporary and historical movement, the reasons behind movement, and the effects of movement, at both the macro and micro levels. We investigate the role of the nation-state in generating belonging and exclusion, how racism and anti-racism is generated and perpetuated, and how mobility is implicated in processes of transformation at the national and global levels. We aim to understand the patterns of, and reasons for, global and local mobility, and provide policy advice on issues of migration, multiculturalism and social inclusion.

Related projects

Our research projects range from studying local and national culture and behaviours, to international studies on human migration and mobility patterns.

We are keen to collaborate on projects relevant to migration and mobilities in the Indo-Pacific region. We offer quantitative and qualitative research skills, and interdisciplinary expertise.

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There are PhD scholarships associated with three relevant research entities within this sector:


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