Formulation and drug delivery

Innovating medicine delivery technologies to address unmet needs

The Laboratory for Formulation and Drug Delivery engages in multidisciplinary research to design, fabricate, evaluate and translate innovative delivery platforms to optimise drug delivery and therapeutic outcomes for patients.

Our current research aims to address unmet medicinal needs in paediatric and cancer patients, and in the aquaculture industry. Preclinical, stability and clinical evaluations are conducted collaboratively with medical practitioners, clinical pharmacists, manufacturing pharmacists, animal scientists, pharmacokineticists and biostatisticians in Western Australia.

The laboratory also collaborates with international colleagues to design complex nanotechnology-enabled delivery platforms to better target potent drugs to tumour and dysfunctional kidney sites to improve drug delivery efficiency, drug safety and treatment outcomes for patients.

The research in our laboratory has three main arms: paediatric medicines, taste-masked medicines, and nanotechnology-enabled medicines.

Current projects


Paediatric medicines

Professor Lim works with a multidisciplinary team to design, fabricate and test the paediatric medicines. This team includes:

  • doctors, nurses and pharmacists from Perth Children Hospital (Britta Regli von Ungern-Sternberg, Kristina Rueter, David Sommerfield, Asha Bowen, Lliana Slevin, Christopher Hopps)
  • a clinical pharmacologist (Sam Salman)
  • a biostatistician (Nazim Khan)
  • and formulation scientists (Laurence Cheung from Curtin University, and Edith Tang and Minh Nguyen from UWA)

Taste-masked medicines

Professor Lim collaborates with Gavin Partridge (Australian Centre for Applied Aquaculture Research at Challenger Institute of Technology, and Centre of Excellence for Science, Seafood and Health at Curtin University) to develop taste-masked medicines for the aquaculture industry.

Nanotechnology-enabled medicines

Professor Lim collaborates with the following people to develop and evaluate nanotechnology-enabled medicines:

  • Jingxin Mo (Deputy Director of Medical Research Centre, First Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical University, China)
  • Zhi-xiang Yuan (Key Laboratory of Animal Disease and Human Health, Sichuan Agricultural University, China)
  • Tin Wui Wong (Universiti Teknologi MARA Selangor, Malaysia)

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